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Dupont Maxime

2024 -Control of wheat grain storage protein synthesis and quality in response to heat stress

The content and composition of the storage proteins contained in the bread wheat grain determine the use value of the flour (for bread making for example) as well as the nutritional quality due to a significant contribution in vegetable proteins. Many environmental factors such as thermal stress affect the synthesis and quality of these proteins. In response to these stresses, the cell activates cellular signaling and regulatory pathways that modify its physiological and molecular responses. Among them, the UPR (Unfolded Protein Response) pathway regulates the amount of malformed proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum whose accumulation induces stress. The actors of this pathway, including transcription factors and chaperone proteins, have been identified in Arabidopsis. Based on the literature, the proposed thesis aims to study the role of the UPR pathway actors in the response to heat stress in wheat in relation to the accumulation of storage proteins. First, the characterization of this pathway (identification of key genes and associated molecular markers) and the interaction of its actors are considered using chemical inducing agents on the vegetative part and on the developing grain. In a second step, the use of genetic material with variable grain composition characteristics (transgenic plant lines, tilling mutants) will allow to elucidate its role in protein accumulation.

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2024 - Control of wheat grain storage protein synthesis and quality in response to heat stress

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