DiGEN (Diversity and Genome)

Research project

Characterization of bread wheat genetic diversity

  • Characterization of diversity, structural and functional variability of the genome
    • Development of methodologies for targeted sequencing/assembly of genomic regions of interest
    • Identification of structural variations
    • Construction of a wheat pangenome
  • Study the contribution of transposable elements to genomic variability
  • Impact of chromosomal introgressions from wild species

Exploiting diversity in wheat breeding programmes

  • Better understanding of Genotype x Environment interactions
    • Predict breeding value of lines in a given environment
    • Defining genotypes for the future
  • Methodologies of selection
    • Development of breeding programmes simulation tools
    • Modeling Genotype x Environment in GWAS and genomic selection
  • Methodologies of re-introduction of genetic diversity
    • Optimizing crossing plans for future breeding programmes
    • Development of SNP genotyping arrays for diagnostic markers (disease and quality)
    • Haplotyping (reconstruction pedigrees and ancestral genotypes)
  • Breeding and pre-breeding


Team members (2023)

  • Sophie BOUCHET, CR INRAE, co-leader
  • Frédéric CHOULET, IR INRAE, co-leader
  • François-Xavier OURY, IR INRAE
  • Jonathan KITT, TR INRAE
  • Gilles CHARMET, DR (early retirement)
  • Amandine ALBERT, intern

Former members

  • Claire OGET-EBRAD (postdoc 2021-23)
  • Ines ZARROUGUI (intern Master 2023)
  • Emma PUREUR (intern 2023)


Recent Publications (5 years)

As leader authors


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As collaborators


Banouh, M., Armisen, D., Bouguennec, A., Huneau, C., Sow, M.D., Pont, C., Salse, J., and Civáň, P. (2023). Low impact of polyploidization on the transcriptome of synthetic allohexaploid wheat. BMC Genomics 24, 255. 10.1186/s12864-023-09324-2

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Modification date: 22 April 2024 | Publication date: 29 May 2020 | By: Frédéric CHOULET